Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother And Baby Dog 15Kg


For large puppies. Adult weight between 26 and 44 kg. Bitch during gestation and lactation – Weaning puppies up to 2 months old.

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Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog Food is a diet apt for gestating mothers and weaning puppies of the maxi breed. This diet is designed to meet the dietary requirements of both mothers and their puppies during the five important stages of their life, i.e., gestation, birth, lactation, weaning and growth up to 2 months. Royal Canin Maxi Starter Mother & Baby Dog Food is a combination of nutrients present in the mother?s milk that actively promote digestive health and help in building natural defenses. This starter food is an assortment of essential ingredients that help in maintaining the high energy level of maxi breed puppers. This diet also contains an ideal amount of EPA-DHA that helps in improving the skin and coat, and other nutrients promote growth. This dog feed meets the moderate energy needs of large breed puppies which have a long growth period. B1 and joint support contributes to good b1 mineralisation in puppies of large breed, thanks to a balanced intake of energy and minerals (calcium and phosphorus) thus supporting b1 consolidation and joints.

Weight 15 kg


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