Junior Cal is full of minerals and vitamins for pups and kittens. Junior Cal gives the pet supple bones, strong teeth and a healthy coat. It is also suitable for animals with young.

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Mineral substances, yeast inactivated 4%, calcium hydrophosphate 82,7%, calcium carbonate 8%, calcium lactate pentahydrate 4%, magnesium oxide 1,3%


Additives (per 1 kg of feed additive)

protein 2.1%

fat 0,2%

fiber 0,12%

ash 73%

moisture 4%

Vitamin B1 1,8 mg

Vitamin B2

1.2 mg

Vitamin B3 36.0 mg

Vitamin B5 0.7 mg

Vitamin B6 0.99 mg

Method of application and dosage

Every day for 2 -3 weeks kittens, cats, puppies, young dogs of small and medium breeds and other animals with a coat, pregnant and lactating animals 1 teaspoon.

Lightly moisten the usual pet food and mix it with the feed additive.Daily provide the animal with clean drinking water.

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